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MaYaN welcomes two new members!

We are happy to announce the addition of two new members to the MaYaN family. Last weekend they joined us already on stage at two shows in the Netherlands.

First of all there’s Roel Käller, a very nice guy and very skilled fretless bass player. We would like to thank Rob for his dedication, passion and hard work over the last years. He also wrote the killer track: “Bloodline Forfeit” which we’ll keep playing for sure. We wish him a lot of success with Epica and his new project.

Secondly there’s George Oosthoek, also a great guy and awesome grunter. Many of you know him from his time in Orphanage and collaborations with Delain and others.

As MaYaN had to decline many festival offers during 2014 and 2015 due to very busy schedules we felt it was about time to come up with a solution for this situation. It would be a pity if MaYaN wouldn’t be able to play shows on a regular basis anymore while we have two great albums in the pocket which we’re very proud of. Ariën and I will be joining our dear friends of MaYaN as much as we can and so will George. You will keep seeing us together on stage here and there as well! MaYaN has always been a band with different line ups for all shows anyway and that’s also part of our strength. George is one of the very few people I trust with performing the MaYaN songs so it’s needless to say that I am very happy and grateful that he accepted our invitation to join us.

Welcome George and Roel and long life to MaYaN!

~ Mark, on behalf of MaYaN

Watch George and Roel perform with us last weekend;