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MaYaN Indiegogo Campaign - NEW ALBUM with a Symphonic Orchestra!

To bring you our most intense listening experience, we want to record our 3rd album with a live symphonic orchestra! We have written each track to be amplified with the sounds of an orchestra, and it would be fantastic to be able to realize that with your help.

You can support us by pledging to our Indiegogo campaign, for the many unique rewards that we have created for you, including exclusive access to our new EP only available through this campaign, and a chance to attend the live recordings!

Please join the Tribe and check out our Indiegogo campaign here:

If you want to support but don't have the funds, you can help a lot by telling all of your friends this campaign is running!
You can also share the campaign on your social media by using the Indiegogo share tools on the campaign page, or by simply posting the link to the campaign.

Thank you in advance for your support!