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We are excited to reveal the artwork and title for MaYaN‘s upcoming third album release... we present you with Dhyana!


Dhyana means sustained attention and refers to a flow of awareness and a focus on the Now. Eckhart Tolle explains; "when you pause to feel the aliveness within, your attention remains available for the outer world and serves as an anchor for staying in the Now. Only the present moment can make us free and that realization is the awakening, the realization of Presence.".

Consciousness is the essence of you and when it becomes identified with thinking, it forgets its essential nature losing itself in thought. Subdued thinking and reduced mental noise, gives way to heightened alertness and awareness... Here lies the essence of “I don’t think, therefore I am”.

These concepts inspired lyrics that reflect on themes such as remaining aware of our thoughts, removing egoic tendencies, and finding out who we truly are. We wrote these songs with the orchestra in mind, knowing it will add the drama and intensity we want to express with these themes.

Expect our heaviest and most epic record to date! We also include softer vocals, plus acoustic guitars by our guest performer, Roman Huijbreghs from Dutch band, Navarone.

Dhyana and our - campaign exclusive - EP Undercurrent comprise a special collection of new MaYaN songs. Check out the list of perks for bundles and packages that can make this special collection yours!

[UPDATE] Thanks to you we exceeded our Campaign goal and the new album will be recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra!!
Thank you so much, this album will be absolutely mindblowing! We ran the campaign at

The Album Release Party will be held in De Helling, Utrecht (NL). Tickets and info here.