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We enjoyed our gathering at Sandlane Recording Facilities with our fans, friends and press for DHYANA’s Listening Session. The initial feedback was very positive and we received some first reactions from what the journalists heard in DHYANA... and more to come!

“Amazing and breathtaking album - heavy but also full of a certain light that goes straight to the heart.”
MYROCK (F), Laura Minichino

"A musical journey to your own self that perfectly blends epic symphonic sounds with harsh metal riffs and makes you want to discover more."
Sonic Seducer Musikmagazin (D), Juliane Niedner

“The rhythm of freedom seems to be complex, surprising, dynamic, varied and contrarian.
MaYaN's current slogan is: pure creative freedom!”
Rock Tribune (B), Dominique Van Hauteghem

“MAYAN introduces a new level of bombast in symphonic death metal!” (NL), Tonnie Westerbeke

“Overwhelming and really good. Great first impression, an album with lots of layers that needs time to discover everything.” (NL), Marcel Bergervoet & Jeroen Gest

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